My Little Kid Gives Back

If you have been following along on My Little Kid Co's journey, you will know we have a special place in our hearts for Little’s and for our community.  Since half of MLK is a nurse and the other half is an ECE, we recognized an opportunity to give back in a way that had meaning to us.  In June we reached out to our followers to find a Little using a feeding tube in order to see if our Slumber belt buckle access slot could help ease nighttime feedings.  We found 2 amazing Little’s and the remarkable feedback and kind words we received touched our hearts in an unimaginable way.  We decided this was something we wanted to keep doing! 

Our community gives to us by supporting our small shop and we want to give back the gift of sleep to as many Little’s as we can.  So here we are, officially launching the 'Pay it Forward Campaign'.  For every 10 Slumber items purchased, we will gift 1 Slumber item to a Little needing some extra love in their life.


Some amazing candidates would include:

  • A Little with medical needs (some examples include tube feeds, braces, and so on)
  • An extra Little born early but being discharged from the hospital and ready to be in a home environment 
  • A Little having to make frequent doctors appointments or hospital trips

*Please feel free to also send us any special stories or Little’s that you think are in need of a Little extra love.
All submissions can be sent to  Thank you all again for your amazing support, feedback, and love.  XO.