How do I wash my Slumber Sack?

Our Slumber Sacks are machine washable on a cold and gentle cycle.  To wash, fasten all buttons and close zipper to prevent any snagging of items, then turn inside out.  Lay flat to dry.  If you are in a hurry, you may tumble dry low, but please allow for an 8% differentiation after first wash.  Using hot or high heat can cause fabric to pill or shrink.  Do not use bleach. 

How do I know if my Little Kid is too hot or too cold?

No product can 100% naturally regulate a Little Kid's temperature.  However, the Bamboo in our fabric is known to be thermal regulating, meaning it can help provide insulation to keep your Little Kid warm in the winter and can also wick away moisture to help keep them cool in the summer.  However, we advise you to use your discretion in choosing proper base layers in addition to their Slumber item to assure they are comfortable.  Always check your Little Kid's temperature by using behind their neck, chest, or their tummy as your feeling guide.  Their skin should feel warm and dry, not sweaty or cold.  Hands and feet are not a preferred location for checking temperatures on babies.  Do not use our Sacks if your Little Kid has a fever.  

Why do you use Organic Cotton in your fabric?

You may eat organic, but do you wear organic?  The chemicals used on cotton crops have a tremendous impact on the health of those who grow it and on our environment.  Organic cotton is grown using a completely different method without the use of GMOs, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.  They must meet strict regulations to be certified "organic cotton" and have a significantly lower impact on our environment. 

Why do you use Bamboo in your fabric?

Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and extra soft for babies with sensitive skin.  Bamboo also has bacteria and odor resistant qualities!  We do not use any chemicals, formaldehyde, or flame retardants to treat our Slumber Sacks.

What should I know about sleep safety?

  • Never leave your Little Kid in an unzipped or unsecured Sack.  Our zippers have a click to close feature to assure your zippers are in place.
  • Make sure their crib is clear of all unnecessary items such as loose blankets, pillows, toys, etc.
  • Ensure proper fit.  For smaller Little Kids please use our adjustable underarm snap buttons and refer to our sizing guide prior to purchase.
  • Make sure Sacks are unable to lift above your Little Kid’s head prior to use.
  • With any article of Little Kids clothing and sleepwear, check to make sure all buttons and zippers are secured and not loose after each wash cycle to prevent any unnecessary snagging and choking hazards. 
  • It is recommended to place your Little Kid on their back to sleep.  Discuss options with your Doctor or Pediatrician if this is not a possibility.
  • Discontinue Slumber Swaddle use if your Little Kid is able to roll over or showing signs of being able to roll over.  
  • Do not leave your Little Kid unattended if asleep in a carseat, swing, or any other device not intended for sleep

Are you Made in Canada?

All of our products are designed and finished locally here in Canada.  We care for our environment and our Littles, so it was very important for us to specifically source our fabric to meet this criteria.  Our fabric is ethically made, printed and patterned in Taiwan. 

Do you treat your products with flame retardants?

Once again, we do not treat any of our Slumber items with flame retardants due to the chemicals used to do so.  All of our Slumber items have undergone flammability testing and have passed all Children's Sleepwear Regulations according to the Canadian General Standard Board Textile Test Method.  We still advise to keep our products away from all fire sources for safety reasons. 

What is the TOG (thermal overall grade) rating?

Due to many different environmental and individual factors, we do not have a TOG rating.  We suggest an ideal nursery room temperature of 20-22 degrees celsius, however this can vary based on your base layers.  Please use your discretion when choosing your Little's base layers.