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MLK Guide Time 👏

All 3 stages of our Slumber Sacks have front and back peephole openings for belt buckle access (and also for quick diaper checks). This makes them perfect for travel and to take sleep on the go since they are lightweight and do not have any bulky excess material. I also throw one on my son after swim lessons over top of his clothes for the car ride home (cause he sleeps like a champ then) and it gives him that extra cozy warmth during the drive.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Here are a few other favourite Little Dude travel must haves:

1. The most efficient travel stroller @uppababy Gluxe. For day to day use we use the @uppababy Vista, but the Gluxe for travel upholds all the same amazing functions but in a compact size. 

2. The comfiest in shoes @minimoc is our go to! Not only are they absolutely adorable but they do not pop off his feet so I don't need to worry about losing a shoe amidst the airport hustle and bustle. 

3. The cutest matching daddy and son swim shorts @beau_hudson. They also make for heart melting photos.  

4. Also the cutest in matching daddy and son snapbacks @alohakaiapparel. They have matching beanies too! 

5. Organic all natural and non gmo sunscreen @kpurenaturals. Their entire line of products also have multipurpose uses so you can get up to 5 products in 1. 

6. The softest in hands free wraps @shopbelugababy. Their prints are simple and timeless. 

7. The most adorable and original teether toys @louloulollipopfinery. My son can't get enough of teether toys so I always have to have at least 2 clipped to him or his stroller at all times.   

8. The clutch comfort soother and stuffy @wubbanub. A stuffy thats a soother... Need I say more about it's greatness. 


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