No Cry Guide

MLK Guide Time 👏

A lot of new moms don't know about Sleep Sacks until it becomes an absolute necessity for sleeplessness and crying. Here are some other first time mom tricks that helped our Littles settle their sleepy-time crying:

1. A good swaddle that they cannot break out of: @mylittlekidco. Our swaddles have the option of being hands out as well since some babies need their hands to self soothe but still need to feel their body wrapped for comfort.

2. The @dockatot was a baby lounger lifesaver when us mamas needed to be hands free, this baby nest gives them the snug comforts of being in the womb again.

3. A full tummy. Let dad or a partner help with a night feed so mama can rest. The @comotomobaby bottles have wide nipples to simulate the shape of a breast to help prevent nipple confusion. 

4. A sound machine. Newborns are used to the loud noises of your womb and heartbeat so the quiet can actually be unsettling for them. The @babyshusher can sound intense at first but it actually works! 

5. An overnight diaper. Have you ever asked yourself, how the heck can a baby this small poop/pee this much?! We still ask ourselves this question every day. A good overnight diaper like @honest can help prevent leaks and an alarming cold wake up call! 

6. A baby swing or bouncer. Another thing a newborn is used to is the constant motion of being in your belly. Although we don't recommend leaving babies unattended in a swing, the @4moms_hq Mamaroo did just the trick every single time if we needed a shower/bath or just a break period, they are lightweight and portable to bring anywhere so they are still within sight.

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