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Bath time is our favorite time of the day! One, because we know it leads to our Littles bed time and mama can finally have a glass of wine. But two, because they just have so much fun and it is a great bonding activity! Here are a few of our favorite bath time essentials:

1. So Luxury Inc Coconut and Oat Bath. We don't use soap at every nightly bath but do we use a scoop of this in every bath and we have yet to have any skin irritations, eczema, and very rarely do we get a case of diaper rash. I have bought this product for every expecting mama I know because of how much we love this stuff. 

2. Rhoost grooming set. 

3. Oball Scoops. We love Oball toys because they are great for little hands to pick up and play with. My son didn't love water being poured over his head but when we discovered these scoops we let him try pouring water out by himself and then he enjoyed the process. He now attempts to scoop water over his own head (he's not quite there yet though lol). 

4. Skip Hop foam toys. I am such a big fan of foam toys because they do not collect mold and are super easy to clean. You can stick their Alphabet or Number foam toys against the sides of your bathtub for a learning bath time experience or better yet my son likes to use them as a chew toy. Everything goes in his mouth...

5. Oneberrie Towels. I love that this Towel is a grow with me towel. You can use it when they are a newborn up until they become toddlers and the hands free option makes wrapping them up after a bath so seamless and easy peasy. 

6. Blooming Bath. My son outgrew this bath but it was perfect for when he was a newborn. It is so comfortable and easy to use that I think it is the reason why he loves bath time so much now! 

7. Kewe Clothing Washcloths. We love their bamboo washcloths! They are so soft and the quality and longevity in these are amazing. They only get softer after each use and wash.

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